Best 2020 Courses To Study In Germany

Best 2020 Courses To Study In Germany-Studying abroad can be a dream come through for a lot of people after the pandemic ends. What about doing that on scholarship or free tuition?. That would definitely be the hassle in the dazzle. While we share strong hopes that the pandemic ends soon, we have taken the stress to research the top scholarship or free tuition destination for European and International students. This is to save you the stress of surfing the internet for hours and coming out with little information on the best study destinations for you. We hope to provide you with a one-stop guide on why you should study in the chosen country and why and most importantly what the future holds for you when you do. Wouldn’t that be great?.


Some may ask why Germany?. Forget the stereotypes you have had in history class about Germany. It is currently ranked #4 in the world for its free education policy and the #1 destination for aspiring international and European students. Notable for its’ warm environment, exquisite sites, and beautiful splendor, Germany is a country in West-central Europe that spans from the Alps to the North and Baltic seas. It plays host to the second largest human population in Europe after Russia. It’s immigration policies are relaxed thus, making it the desired destination for a lot of international students, families, and immigrants. Germany is the second most immigrated country in the world, after the United States. As of 2017, the United Nations estimates about 14.8% of the German population are immigrants with a large figure of 12,165,083 with the majority of the immigrants from Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, and the Middle East.  With a landmass of 357,02km, it is vastly covered by water and land. So if you are a lover of the seas and mother nature, you are in for bliss and total wonder.

The question then is, what makes Germany unique besides her landmass?. We had the dilemma of deciding which ones it would be from a very large list but we have brought it down to food and drinks, football, castles and palaces, festivals and carnivals and of course her free education.

  1. a) Beer or Bier

Booze popularly called Bier in German is one of the main commodities consumed by the German population. It is notable for the variety and taste in the is estimated that she has over 1300 German breweries and 5000 brands of beers with over 115 hectoliters of beerscomeduced per year. Lol. Do get an identity card and make sure you are of age. Don’t get wasted and skip class. Your education is Important before you even said uberraschungen. In all honesty, stay away from drugs and alcohol especially as a student. But if you are of legal age and healthy, be sure to try the German Oktoberfest and the vast and rich taste of liquor the country has and have a great feeling like the legends.

  1. b) Football

Germany plays host to one of the finest breeds of European National and club football stars and stadia. If there is nothing to remember her for under this category, then be reminded that she bred and raised the entire 2014 World Cup-winning National Team. Are you thrilled by the beauty of UEFA Champions League and Bundesliga magic, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are sure to give you the chills? Robert Lewandoski and Erling Hààland are absolute sensations and world-class. Do you need your heart to skip a beat, then sit for Bayern Munich vs Borussia Dortmund? If you are looking to catch the cruise then take the walk over the Allianz arena and have the thrill of football. The Germans love football, we love football, you sure as hell would love it.

c)Monuments and Palaces

Are you looking for the wonder in architecture, then you have come to the right place. Germany is home to some of the oldest Middle Age castles and palaces in West-central Europe. Across the countryside, there are over 25 thousand edifices. Some were fortes built-in defense of Germany from wars like the never to be forgotten Thirty Years war ( 1618- 1648) between France and the Habsburg’s for European dominance. Residential palaces like the Palace of Versailles housed the great Iron and blood Chancellor of Germany, Otto Eduard Leopold Von Bismarck. Be sure to see the Sanssouci  Palace, the haven, and burial site of the legendary Friedrich The Great, King of Prussia. Located in Potsdam and built in a hook(long) and magnificent manner, it is notable for its private nature. King Friedrich built the palace to get away from the bustles of the Berlin Court. Within its great walls are temples and parks that ensured King Friedrich was lavishly entertained when the need came. Be sure to try the grapes when you get there. Tasty?, surely they are.

Being a predominantly Christian state, Germany has a lot of sacred religious sites, one of which is the Cologne Cathedral. Built-in over 600 years, the Gothic Cathedral welcomes an average of 20,000 tourists every day. Located in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany with a height of 157m(515ft), it is the tallest twin-spired church in the world, second in Europe after the Ulm Minister and the third tallest church in the world.  It is also home to the Archbishop of Cologne and the administration of the Catholic church in Cologne.. If you are religious and Catholic then, welcome home.

  1. d) Food

One of the things that make Germany stand out for tourists and students are her rich and vast food bank. Home to some of the best continental dishes in Europe, Germany offers a rich and fulfilling experience from her kitchens. Are you a lover of good food like we are, be sure to try some of her Sauerbraten (Roast beef stew). Made from a selected combination of heavily marinated meat from beef or pork, venison or mutton, and a mixture of wine, spices, and herbs, you are sure to have a sumptuous meal. For a better treat, it is best served with Kartoffelpuffer( potato pancakes). Yummy! right?. You bet.

If you are not used to heavy courses, do well to grab a bite from her bakeries and oven with over 3,200 varieties of bread. It has become a major stake in German food. Surprisingly, Germany has an institute for Bread. UNESCO surely recognizes this and she officially added that to Germany’s intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2015.

Bread is a major part of German cuisine and dates back to the 19th century. Scattered across Europe, each ancient German population and kingdom had its own distinct culture and  Brot (bread). With the advent of trade, some German cities brought in some of its own bread and sausages and pastries hence, the reason for the large variety of bread in Germany. Historically, German bread was an instrument of class distinctions, so that the high and mighty nobles had white bread and the serfs had black baked bread made from rye. Do have a bite over a cup of coffee while you read that Sandra Brown’s romance bestseller or James Hadley Chase’s crime thriller or do that assignment. Do have some over a date. You will hopefully find love while you are in Germany if you haven’t 😄.

d)Carnivals and Festivals.

Do you love grooves, parties, carnivals, and cultural diversity?. I am sure you do. Carnivals will afford you the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the traditional German culture in its unique way. Isn’t it what makes studying away from home fun?. An hour or two away from your reading desk won’t kill. But don’t do that if you have a test the next day or an exam except you feel the need to ease off.I would suggest you look out for the Oktoberfest. Currently the largest and one of the old beer and travel funfair festivals held in Germany, it hosts at least 72% of the entire German population with a large lot of this number from abroad. Take a bus ride to Munich and have the thrill during the holidays and celebrate this 19th century-long festival of King Ludwig and Princess Therese of Hildburghausen. Don’t get wasted and get kicked out of school. Enjoy it while you can. But don’t forget that it will come next year. Have fun with discretion. Ciao❤.


At this stage, you are probably wondering why I had to bolden the heading. This is what you have been waiting for. Take it from me, studying in Germany can be fun especially when you do it on scholarship. This is not to say that Germany runs an all-expense paid educational system. If you can afford to pay for your tuition, please do, Germany needs a stable GDP after all.  Lol. But be reminded that if you meet the criteria for any scholarship in Germany within the stipulated time, she will welcome you with open arms. Through this article, we have had the privilege of taking you through the beautiful, memorable, and unlimited experience Germany will offer. If you are up for the perfect matrix of urban and rural life among a people, Germany gives you that. So choose Germany for your studies for this obvious reason. You can save the gratitude for later. Lol


The constant and increased need for highly qualified professionals to creatively solve real-world problems has left the scramble for qualitative education globally. While we admit that the deficit in the educational system of most countries is huge, we take solace that in the bid to produce skilled and qualified professionals, most countries like Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Denmark and many other Scandinavian and European countries have well-fashioned and result oriented educational systems and have made their countries the dream educational and residential destination in the world for students and professionals alike. Germany plays host to international award-winning and highly ranked free and low tuition fee Universities. Here, students are only charged minimal fees for administrative costs, semester ticket costs, and Student union levies not exceeding €250 per year. Students without scholarships may have to pay for health insurance, feeding, and accommodation. But hey, a scholarship of £2000 yearly should cover costs and leave you will extra cash for your weekend parties and flowers for your girlfriend or that suit or teapot for your husband or wife. Wouldn’t it be fun?. This is the main reason why you should choose Germany for your undergraduate and  Advanced studies.


If you have the luxury and you love traveling, your residence permit and student visa allow you to reside in Germany for more than 90days for your study. The student visa allows you to visit European countries you have always dreamed of while you are in Germany for your studies. For the right reasons and if the terms of your residence permit, you may likely take a job while you study. A job after school increases your chances of permanent residence. Great!?. Surely. Take heed that you apply for your student visa once you receive your letter of acceptance from your University of choice.forward all required documents and apply for your residence permit on time. You would be halfway around Europe before you even thought “Das ist feet!”( This is cool)


German schools offer a wide range of courses and thus a large list to choose from. Most school curricula across the world are tailored to teach students theories of a particular discipline or course of study and we sadly have students who respectfully have no relevant skills to tackle practical world problems and provide solutions to the challenges in the shortest possible time. Because the German curricula is scientifically and technologically oriented, there appears to be an emphasis on a science-based curriculum across her schools. But no worries if you have chosen a study and career path in the social sciences, Arts or Humanities. You have a long list of 68 courses to choose from if you are tailored for the social sciences from Economics to Area and  Cultural studies, Archaeology, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, International Relations, Criminology, and the list goes on. So,  you are all good. The curricula in Germany is student-based and her large community of lecturers and teachers are tailored to deliver that with high professionalism. If you are a science geek or nerd, German science and technology schools got you covered for your Bachelor and Graduate studies in Medicine, Pharmacy Engineering, Computer sciences, and Analytics. Fantastic?. Definitely.


You are going to need a lot of prudence to pull this one of especially if you are a foreign student. You may be tempted to go on a shopping spree or tour the countryside. But with a planned budget, you would surely have a wonderful time in Germany. The rent, however, is a major concern but your scholarship funds will cover transport costs, amenities, and food. You could get discounts in designated areas. Costs of rent vary from place to place around Germany. Be sure to stay on a prudent budget. You would be glad you did.


German labor laws allow international studies to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week or 120 days annually. Looking to make extra cash while you study?, I am sure you do. Germany offers that with no extra qualifications required. If you feel you can cope with the burden of working while you study, you can take up a job and earn extra income.

Graduating from a German University is a golden opportunity for the global job market. According to  Eurostarts, statistics show about 91% employability rate of German school graduates with huge salaries. So, you are a gold mine, mien guter Freund. Employers are in the market for your expertise across various fields of human endeavor in Europe and around the world. So cheer up, you going to kick ass. I would be glad to say I told so.


Looking to build a large network of resource persons and leaders and increase your global relevance, learning a new language is your ticket to travel the world and connect with people on a global sphere. You are the link to huge economic MOUs, peacekeeping agreements, international dispute resolution, and trade agreements. I am sure you are stunned at the limits you can reach. Yea I am talking to you. Take the decision and pack your bags to Germany, your heartthrob could be waiting behind a desk in Munich or Hamburg😍. The future German President is waiting. Would you like to know him or her?. He or she could be your roommate. I know you want to say thank you. But save it and call us from Germany. Do well to look up the top German schools that offer free tuition and her admission requirements and application dates. Don’t forget to apply for your student visa. Do have  great time. See you in Germany.

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