Coronavirus: Banning outdoor exercise would have ‘serious detrimental effects

Coronavirus: Banning outdoor exercise would have ‘serious detrimental effects’, experts say

Experts have warned banning outdoor exercise in an attempt to combat the coronavirus outbreak would have “serious detrimental effects”.

Boris Johnson has enforced draconian measures that only allow Britons to venture out of their home for “very limited purposes”, like shopping for essentials or exercising.

The prime minister, who is battling the coronavirus himself, has kept parks open to help the public stay fit during the lockdown.

With the weather warming up, government officials are concerned people are interpreting the open parks as a green light for picnics, BBQs and get-togethers.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said he is reluctant to ban outdoor exercise due to its physical and mental benefits but has not ruled out “further action” if the small minority of Britons continue to “break the rules”.

One expert has warned banning outdoor exercise could make coronavirus complications worse, while others are calling for tougher enforcements for those who flout the rules.

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