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Posted by on April 17th, 2019

Kain George is laughing about some silly joke he read on Facebook last night but I don’t find it funny. If you ask me, he is pretty nervous around me. George is never nervous. Trust me I would know because we have grown up together. “Why are you acting all jumpy?’ I ask him when I can’t take it anymore. “Me? Jumpy?” He asks ridiculously and I narrow my eyes at him. “What is going on with you, George? Anything I should know about?” He laughs nervously. “Of course not. I’m just happy, you know? Things are actually working out between Jade and I.” “What did you do to convince her to take you back?” I ask and he shrugs. “I crawled; literally. I would anything for that girl.” I roll my eyes. This love thing is so complicated. I wouldn’t want to lose my edge over a girl. “Bro you whipped.” I laugh while hitting him on the shoulder. “No, Kain. The only person here who is whipped is you. Are you even listening to yourself right now? You’d do anything for Bella, wouldn’t you?” I purse my lips. I don’t want to talk about her right now. I have no idea what she is doing to me but one thing I can attest to; she is driving me crazy. She has this magnetic pull over me that I can’t resist. To be honest, it has been there since day one; I just kept fighting it. It was weird when I saw her in Jade’s hostel that first day and butterflies erupted in my stomach. That was so dumb and it was the reason why I made it a life mission to stay away from her. Seems like it’s not working anymore. “Kain!” Gianna’s voice startles me and I quickly turn to face her. She is sputtering and for a moment there, I can’t figure out what she is trying to tell me. “Are you okay?” I ask her with a furrowed brow. What’s up with her? Gianna is a very good swimmer so I’m sure she is…. Wait. Where is Belle? I’m very sure she was sitting with Gianna on the edge just moments ago. I had my eyes on her the entire time, ensuring that she was okay. Bella is just a special kind of human being. She can’t go for half a day without getting into trouble or attempting something weird; that’s why I kept looking at her. Maybe that’s not the whole truth though. I have to admit that she looked so beautiful sitting there, her legs in the water; her hair being blown about by the wind. As I look at Gianna freaking out; reality sinks in….Belle is somewhere in the water. And she can’t swim. Without a second thought, I dive right in. It takes me a whole minute to discover the dark shadow sinking it’s way to the riverbed. I’m really good at holding my breath but the adrenaline pulsing through me isn’t doing me any favour. My lungs are already burning but there’s no way I’m breaking the surface for a gulp of air. If something happens to her….. No, I don’t want to think about that. Nothing can happen to her. Nothing. I’m somehow relieved when I finally have her in my arms. She is perfectly still; her eyes closed. She looks like an innocent mermaid underwater, with her long hair flowing around her, making a halo over her head. Why isn’t she moving? Steadying her in my arms, I cuddle her close to me before I do an upward plunge, heading for the surface. Underwater, five figures are swimming around me and they all head for the surface when they see her in my arms. Seems like everyone finally realized what was happening and went on a search, I take a huge mouthful of air when I break the surface and my energy is almost waning. Noticing this, Zac takes Belle from my arms and swims to the riverbank. I want to resist him touching her but right now, I’m willing to do anything to keep her alive. Jay spreads his jacket and Zac lays her on it. I can tell that everyone is freaking out. Cara is checking her pulse while Ethan is bending over her, trying to find out if she is breathing. I’m breathless watching her. If something happens to her, I’ll be the one to blame. I should never have taken my eyes off her. Ethan is taking forever so I push him away and take his position. I place my ear next to her nose but there’s nothing. She is not breathing. “No pulse. I can’t feel anything.” Cara says breathlessly. “CPR bro. You need to do a motherfucking CPR like right now!” Jay yells at me and I force my hands to stop shaking. I know exactly what to do. George is on his knees beside me, already getting her into position. Placing the heel of my hand on her chest, I press down, letting the chest rise completely before pushing again. I work like crazy, plastering a calmness that I’m not feeling on the inside. “It’s not working.” George sighs in despair after a whole minute. “Tilt her head back to open the airway.” I tell him and he quickly does so. Pinching her nose closed, I take a normal breath then I lean forward, covering her mouth with mine to create an airtight seal. I give her two quick breaths, watching for any signs of breath. Please breath Bella. She coughs and splutters suddenly and my heart leaps. Holding her to steady her, George tilts her head to the side and water gushes out. Jade screams while Jay rushes to us. With one final gush, she sits up coughing. Oh, thank God. She looks confused for a moment as she looks around her. Her eyes light up briefly when she sees Jay and a pang of jealousy runs through me. What? I’m going crazy. I know Jay really cares about her but not in that way but I still can’t help it. Jealousy is an emotion I’m not familiar with; something I never experienced before. When her eyes fall on me however, a smile lights up her entire face and I glow inside. Tentatively, I reach to smooth her damp hair from her face. I’m not in the mood to return her smile. I’m just fucking glad that she is okay. Retrieving my shirt from the ground, I wrap it around her. Her shirt is clinging wetly on her body and I don’t want everyone gawking at her when she is exposed like that. “We’re leaving.” I address the rest of the group. “You have your fun.” “Are you mad?” Jade yells at me. “Bella almost drowned and all you can tell us is that we should have fun!?” “Easy, babe.” George tells her while taking her into his arms before turning to me. “We are coming with you.” I shrug. I’m never letting Bella go close to any water source. She can have enough of that in the shower. I lift her easily into my arms and she resists, saying that she can walk perfectly. I’m not even listening to her. She can complain all she wants. She is so light and I wouldn’t even break a sweat if I had to run with her on my back. When she realizes that her struggles are futile, she wraps her arms around my neck and relaxes in my grasp. I gather her close to me, liking the feel of her soft body against me. As I gaze down at her face while I walk back to the cabin; I’m sure of one thing. I can do anything for her.

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We Are Not Fighting You – Anglican Church Tells El-Rufai

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