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Posted by on April 21st, 2019

It’s George’s turn. “How many people have you had sex with in your short seventeen years?” Gianna’s eyes widen as she looks at Kain. “Okay guys, this is a very dumb game. Let’s play something else..” Kain says with a tone of finality. “You boring asshole. We are just having fun!” Jay glares at him but Kain doesn’t change his mind. Giving up, Cara speaks up. “Okay then, let’s play ‘would you rather.’ It’s easy but boring.” “Yes. I like that one.” Ethan interjects. “Sounds like a good one.” George agrees. Jay explains for my benefit. I’m the only one who never had friends while growing up so I have no idea what the games are all about. In the new game, you are given two choices and you choose the one you would go with. I’m excited to play once Jay explains it to me. They choose me to go first and everyone has to ask me a would you rather question. Kain is seated on one side of me and Ethan on the other so I’m very glad when Ethan chooses to ask me first. At least Kain will be the very last one. “Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up using the internet for a month?” Ethan asks me. Oh well. How the hell am I supposed to answer to that? I’m pretty addicted to the internet. But then again, I can’t go without bathing for a whole month. “If you can’t answer, you are taking a shot.” Jay warns me. “I’d rather give up the internet.” I reply quickly.. “Stop lying.” George tells me. “You would go without bathing?” I ask him and he shrugs. “Obviously. No one can live without the internet.” I stay quiet and it’s Gianna’s turn to ask me. “Would you rather be beautiful but stupid or intelligent but ugly?” “Intelligent but ugly.” I reply uncertainly and Jay narrows his eyes at me. “Stop lying puppy face. One more lie and you take a shot.” Zac thinks for a minute before deciding his question for me. “Would you rather kill one innocent person or five people who committed minor crimes?” “I can’t kill anyone. That’s ridiculous.” Kain laughs lightly. “It’s just a game. You don’t have to kill anyone.” “I can’t.” I say while shaking my head. This game is actually scary. Jay pours alcohol into a party cup and hands it to me. I grit my teeth before drinking. I should have known that this game would be dumb. The rest ask easier questions but when it finally comes to Kain, I know he doesn’t have too good plans for me. He tightens his arm possessively around my shoulders before asking his question. “Would you rather fall in love with Ethan, or strip naked in front of all of us?” “Huh? I’d rather strip naked.” I reply without thinking. Everyone bursts out laughing and Ethan glares at Kain. Jay is practically rolling on the floor with laughter and Kain chuckles quietly beside me. He takes the quilt which is around him and wraps it around both of us. I hesitate for a moment before resting my head on his shoulder. When I do, he leans to kiss my hair. Ethan huffs then snorts loudly and I’m aware that everyone is looking at us. Embarrassed, I hide my face on his shoulder and close my eyes. I hope whatever I have with Kain lasts because right now, I am hopelessly smitten. ***** Later in the night, I’m tossing and turning in bed. I just woke up from some weird nightmare where Kain walked away from me and told me not to talk to him again; ever. I’m feeling bad, having a deep sense of foreboding. That sixth sense that warns you when everything won’t turn out right. It’s way past midnight and everyone is dead asleep. Jay has an arm wrapped around me and my head is resting on his shoulder. I stealthily pull myself from his grasp and climb out of bed. Kain’s sleeping bag is empty. Gasping, I take my phone and turn the flashlight on. I walk quietly to the door and it is not locked. Walking outside, I am surprised when I find him seated on the rocking chair in the porch. He doesn’t hear me approaching and a smile breaks on his handsome face when I walk into his line of sight. He pulls me to his lap and I wrap my arms around his neck, relief washing through me. “I thought you left.” I say quietly, feeling stupid for even admitting that. He looks surprised as he reaches to smooth my hair out of my face. “What? Why would I leave?” I shake my head to clear it before burying my face on his chest. “I had this dream where you left…” I whisper against his chest and he rubs his hand up and down my back reassuringly. “Hush. I’m still here. I’m not going anywhere Belle.” He stands up, taking me with him. “Let’s go back to sleep. We have a long day tomorrow.” “Where are we going?” “Hiking.” “What were you doing out here?” “I couldn’t sleep.” “Me either.” I say quietly. “I’ll help you.” He says while leading me inside. He instructs me to get into his sleeping bag which I do without a fuss. It’s been a while since I slept beside him. He gets in after me and we have to sleep really close to each other to fit in there. I’m plastered against his warm shirtless self, my head on his shoulder and he has his arms wrapped protectively around me. He kisses my forehead sweetly. “Go to sleep.” Even as I close my eyes, I realize that the sense of helplessness is still there. I snuggle close to him and go to sleep.

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We Are Not Fighting You – Anglican Church Tells El-Rufai

We Are Not Fighting You – Anglican Church Tells El-Rufai

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