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Posted by on April 25th, 2019

I’m glad when we are finally done with our shopping spree on Friday evening. I got myself a fine royal blue gown and silver high heels while Jade and Cara have matching dresses. My mom is all excited and I can’t blame her. I mean; tomorrow is her wedding day. She smiles when we walk into the house before she rises to hug my friends. All of them are there. Well, except Kain. “Long time. So you all decided to disappear, huh?” She asks accusingly and Jay laughs nervously. “We’ve been up and down a lot this week.” “Looking for Kain?” She asks casually then continues when George gives me a surprised look. “Bella told me. You shouldn’t keep such things from your friends.” George shrugs. “I know but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him. I didn’t want to lose our friendship.” “I understand but you lost him either way. The hurt and betrayal that he feels is worse because he found out from the wrong source. You should never keep secrets if you really value your friendship.” I cast Jade a guilty look. Why do I feel like Mom is talking about me? Jade should know that it’s Ethan who gave me the pendant. She hates his guts and he doesn’t like her much either but I’ll feel better knowing the cat is out of the bag. “Can we talk?” I whisper in her ear. “Sure.” “In private.” She nods and pulls her hand from George’s. We leave them talking with Mom and I lead her to the kitchen. She hoists herself on the counter; looking at me with expectant eyes. “I’m not sure where to begin.” I say while leaning against the fridge. I am too nervous all of a sudden. “How about at the beginning?” “Okay, let me just say it; I think Ethan is your big brother.” She looks confused for a moment before she shakes her head. “What makes you think so?” She sounds too calm. I imagined she was going to throw a tantrum. “He gave me the pendant.” That gets her attention and she sits up. “What? When?” “On Jay’s birthday. He told me that he took it after his Mom committed suicide.” She stares at me for a whole minute. “His Mom committed suicide?” “Yes.” “I thought he was Zac’s brother!’ “Adopted brother. I saw his family photo too and now that I come to think of it, the man on that pic is your dad. Only that he was young when the photo was taken.,” “This is too funny. I bet he stole the pendant from someone. Ethan can’t be my brother.” She says with a sudden bout of laughter. I cover the distance between us and take her hand in mine. “I’m telling you Jade, I think he is your brother. He told me that he can’t remember his Dad since he was too young when the parents divorced but everything fits in. The pendant, the adoption, his mom’s suicide, the family photo… It all fits in. Maybe we should talk to him.” “Talk to Ethan?” She asks with a snort. “I’m not talking to him. You know I don’t like him at all. He just can’t be my brother Bella. You know why?” “Uh huh?” “He is an asshole. If we were related by blood, I would be an asshole too.” Then she bursts out laughing. “Okay. I just remembered I’m the biggest asshole of all times.” “You see?” I say with a small laugh. “You are Ethan’s baby sister.” Her expression grows serious. “Honestly though, I can’t imagine being his sister. I have always wanted a sibling; a brother to be precise but now that there is a possibility of having one, I don’t think I want a brother anymore.” “But why? Ethan might not be a good person but I’m pretty sure he’ll be excited to have a sister.” She snorts loudly. “Do you even know Ethan? He is going to make me feel like trash if he finds out. He is going to insult me and deny me.” “The only way to find out is by telling him.” I advise her and she rolls her eyes. “We don’t even have any facts, Bella.” “We do. It all makes sense. Let’s give it a shot.” “Why are campaigning for Ethan?” She asks me sourly. “I’m not campaigning for anyone. I just want you to find your brother. He is right next door, Jade. All you have to do is talk to him.” “Kain is missing because of him.” “I know, but this is a different case. Plus he apologized.” “I know that but that doesn’t mean I forgave him. He was acting all sorry and guilty when he came to apologize to me, Jay and Zac but I don’t think he meant it. He is still a major pain in the ass.” “Jade, we will never know the truth unless you talk to him. Do you want a brother or not.” She shrugs. “I guess I do.” “Good. Let’s go.” “I will tell the rest first. They are going to kill us if they knew we were keeping a secret.” I walk to the door and peer out. Mom is not in the living room anymore so I gesture to Jade to follow me. They are giving us curious looks and I look at Jade. It’s her moment and I believe she should do the talking. “I think Ethan is my brother.” She blurts out and Jay bursts out laughing. “Are you high?” Jade glares at him. “If you laugh again, I’ll have you kicked out.” He purses his lips with his index finger and keeps quiet. “What were you saying about Ethan?” Zac asks and she sighs. “I think that guy is my elder brother.” “So that makes you my sister?” He asks with a frown. “Nope. He is my real brother. Same Dad.” “What makes you think so?” That’s George. “He is the one that gave Bella the pendant she was wearing today.” “And that makes him your brother?” Jay asks. “Would you just let me explain? ” she glares at him and he purses his lips again. By the time she is done explaining, everyone has a surprised expression. “I think you guys are actually related. You should talk to him.” Cara says and Jade just rolls her eyes. “Don’t talk to me, traitor.” “Cut her some slack. She is just chipping in the conversation.” George offers but Jade scrunches her nose then stands up. “I’m going to find Ethan.” “Can I come with you?” I ask her and she shakes her head. “I’m capable of killing him alone. I’ll be back.”

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We Are Not Fighting You – Anglican Church Tells El-Rufai

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