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Posted by on April 3rd, 2019


“Okay, I’m sorry.” He says while shrugging carelessly.

“Is that your idea of an apology?”

“What do you expect me to do to show that I’m sorry? Worship at your feet?”

“No, but you can find a more sincere way to apologize.”

“I’ll think of something then.”

He needs to think in order to apologize? Really now? Seems like the word apology doesn’t appear anywhere in his dictionary.

“So you are going to stay mad at me until then?” He asks and I nod.


He mumbles something under his breath just as George pulls up outside the mall. I wonder whether he was listening to our little exchange. If he was, he doesn’t show it. His face has the usual smile as he addresses me.

“You got the shopping list?” 


“Let’s go in then. We don’t have much time.”

He gets out and bangs the door behind him.

I reach to open my door but Kain holds my hand. Again, blood pounds through my veins at the contact. What is wrong with me?

“Don’t. I’ll open it for you.” He tells me and I pull my hand from his.

“I’ll do it myself.” I fire back.

“Don’t be like that Belle. I’m just trying to apologize.”

He gets out and walks to my side. I know he won’t take no for an answer so I sit back as he opens the door.

He offers his hand and I take it without a fuss. If he is doing the apology thing, then I might as well let him go the entire way.

Instead of letting me get out, he hauls me out of the car. I’m scared that I am going to crash but his hold is firm and I crash against him instead. He steadies me, his arm encircling my waist and I easily regain my equilibrium.

I don’t want to look up at him because I’m pretty sure he is looking at me, so I look at George instead. He doesn’t seem to find our position weird and he addresses Kain like he is not holding me in his arms.

“It’s already late. We should ask Zac to keep Jay away for a little longer.”

Kain nods. “Sure. We can start at nine.”

“I can’t stay out late.” I tell them while fighting hard to remain calm in Kain’s arms. He is acting like it’s no big deal and one of his hands is drawing small circles on my upper arm.

He looks at me and thinks for a moment.
“I’ll figure out something. Let’s go inside.”

We all fall into step and Kain doesn’t release me. He just adjusts such that one of his arms is free and the other is wrapped around me.

He talks casually with George about their plans to surprise Jay while I focus on taking deep breaths. I don’t want to pass out just yet.

In the mall, George grabs a cart and we walk to the snacks section. I read out the stuff that Jade wrote while George picks them from the shelves. Kain moves his hand from my waist and I start to relax before he reaches for my hand.

Oh God.

He intertwines our fingers and when I steal a glance at him, he is busy chatting with George, debating on whether to take popcorns or marshmallows.

I realize then, that he is doing that absently. He is not even aware that he is holding my hand. It’s like an automatic reaction.

George tosses both the popcorns and mallows into the cart and Kain pulls me to the next shelf.

I do a double take when I see the person standing there; holding a bag of potato chips in her hand.

She freezes when she sees George then narrows her eyes at me when she notices that my hand is intertwined with Kain’s.

Her chips fall into her shopping basket and she takes a step back when George moves menacingly towards her.

“You. Get lost before I do something really bad to you.” He tells her angrily.

“Why are so mad at me? It was Tatiana’s idea, okay? I told you I’m sorry.” Lily says with her hands half raised in defeat.

“Get out of my sight.” George demands and she squeals while grabbing her basket.

He turns to Kain who is watching the drama silently, his fingers playing with my hand.

“Don’t you just love it when we run into such awesome people?” He says sarcastically and Kain snorts.
“I sure do. Did we get everything?”

George nods.
“Yeah. Let’s get out of here.”

At the cashier, Kain gives his credit card without hesitation and George frowns at him.

“Can we at least split the bill?”

He shakes head.
“Let’s not fight over this, George. You paid last time.”

Kain finally releases my hand to help George carry the bags to the car. I stand aside as they pile them in the boot.

I want to avoid Kain so I quickly climb into the shotgun. He shakes his head when he realizes what I am doing before turning to George.

“Hey bro, can I have my car keys?”
George notices where I’m seated and he bites back a smile as he tosses the keys to Kain, who smirks at me before getting into the driver’s seat.
It’s going to be a long ride.

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We Are Not Fighting You – Anglican Church Tells El-Rufai

We Are Not Fighting You – Anglican Church Tells El-Rufai

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